Initially marketed as a straightforward way to measure a distance or an object height, from short to medium distance ,this application also provides
other metrics, as summarized below.



    Real time adjustable zoom.

    Optical and gravity based telemetry.

    Measure the distance from your phone ground projection to an object basement , on an horizontal plan.

    Measure an object.

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Inclination gauge

    Measures an object inclination ( Inclination gauge , plumb line )

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Milimetered Paper ( Ruler )

    Place a plat object on your screen to measure its dimensions. Use the side of the milimetered paper as a ruler.

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Its a standard Android Market application. It will use the active locale ( French or English available ).  
Alternatively, youn can  do a direct download . If you have never done a direct install , here is a tutorial .

About quality

- This application is spyware free 
- For Android 1.5 and higher.